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Center for Neighborhood Technology

Grants to Center for Neighborhood Technology

  • $400,000Active Strategy

    2010 (Inactive Grant)


    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To participate in The Preservation Compact (over three years).

  • $650,000Active Strategy

    2009 (Inactive Grant)

    MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To upgrade technology hardware and analytic software, improve communications capacity, expand resource development, and establish a reserve fund.

  • $300,000Active Strategy

    2007 (Inactive Grant)


    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of activities related to the Preservation Compact (over three years).

  • $100,000

    2006 (Inactive Grant)

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of general operations.

  • $400,000

    2003 (Inactive Grant)

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of the Chicagoland Transportation and Air Quality Commission (over three years).

  • $110,000

    1999 (Inactive Grant)

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To support the Partnership for Regional Livability.

  • $15,000

    1997 (Inactive Grant)

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To convene a regional forum of the Metropolitan Initiative in South Florida.

  • $50,000

    1997 (Inactive Grant)

    Community Development

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To support research on public policies that promote metropolitan quality of life.

  • $450,000

    1996 (Inactive Grant)

    What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of general operations (over three years).

  • $25,000

    1995 (Inactive Grant)

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — To support the Location Efficient Mortgage Program.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Center for Neighborhood Technology $2,500,000 between 1978 and 2016.

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