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Lawndale Christian Legal Center

Chicago, Illinois

Lawndale Christian Legal Center was awarded $560,000 in 2018, including 1 grant in Chicago Commitment.


2018 • 4 years • Chicago Commitment

Founded in 2010, Lawndale Christian Legal Center (the Center) serves youth and young adults in North Lawndale who are involved with the criminal justice system. With the mission of offering holistic and integrated legal and social services, it provides counsel at every point in the criminal justice system: diversion, pre-trial, trial, and any sentencing period of probation, supervision, or parole. With this award for institutional support, the Center renovates its existing building and rehabilitates a newly purchased building to open a second location in North Lawndale. The second location enables the Center to serve youth in the western portion of North Lawndale, where legal and social services are limited.

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