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Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law was awarded $800,000 between 2000 and 2013, including 5 grants in Human Rights.


2013 • 1 year • Human Rights

The grant to the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law will support the recruitment, training, and deployment of community-based paralegals to provide legal assistance to indigent inhabitants of Rivers State whose rights have been violated. The grantee will continue to publish and disseminate Humanity Today Weekly, along with its online version, as a medium to demand government accountability. Grant funds will be used to hire training facilities and pay honoraria to resource persons as well as program staff salaries. The publication and dissemination costs will also be covered by the grant, in addition to expenses incurred in the course of documenting human rights violations in Rivers State.


2008 • 2 years, 11 months • Human Rights

To support the use of a paralegal program to document incidences and seek redress for human rights violations by law enforcement officials in Rivers State (over three years).


2004 • 3 years • Human Rights

In support of work to strengthen transparency and accountability relating to public oil revenues in the Niger Delta (over three years).


2001 • 3 years • Human Rights

To improve the accountability and transparency of local governance in the Niger Delta region (over three years).


2000 • 1 year • Human Rights

To support a community-based paralegal assistance network.

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