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Chicago Architecture Foundation

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  • $100,000Active Strategy

    2013 (Inactive Grant)

    Discovery Grants

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — The Chicago Architecture Foundation will conduct a collaborative project that will result in an exhibit that reveals the data collected and used that underpins the many functions of urban life. The exhibit will be accompanied by public discussions of how government data relates to the needs of citizens. Participation by city officials will also provide them with needed citizen input on data and infrastructure priorities.

  • $315,000Active Strategy

    2012 (Duration 5 years)

    Arts & Culture in Chicago

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Chicago Architecture Foundation enhances the public's awareness and appreciation of Chicago's architectural legacy through tours and exhibitions. It also engages diverse local audiences in a series of multidisciplinary programs that emphasize how citizens can help influence the physical construction of communities. Core programs include tours, exhibitions, lectures, symposia, special events, as well as youth and adult education activities. CAF attracts 450,000 visitors annually to its tours, exhibits and public programs. Its Youth Education Programs reached approximately 26,000 students and teachers in the Chicago area during the 2010/2011 school year.

  • $290,000Active Strategy

    2007 (Inactive Grant)

    Arts & Culture in Chicago

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of general operations (over five years).

  • $120,000Active Strategy

    2004 (Inactive Grant)

    Arts & Culture in Chicago

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In support of general operations (over three years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Chicago Architecture Foundation $825,000 between 2002 and 2015.

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