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Social Development Integrated Centre

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Social Development Integrated Centre was awarded $300,000 in 2017, including 1 grant in On Nigeria.


2017 • 3 years • On Nigeria

Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action) is a Nigerian nonprofit promoting democratic participation, transparency, accountability, rights, and protection. Established in 2007, and with deep roots in the Niger Delta, it is an anti-corruption organization with experience building the capacity of communities and assisting them to hold officials and institutions accountable. The award enables Social Action to use the reports generated by the Foundation’s media and journalism grantees to mobilize citizens. The project builds capacity and supports Social Action’s existing Citizens Budget Platforms to organize, mobilize, and coordinate with community groups to track government actions and response to corruption cases and to advocate for accountability.  This project enables community action on corruption, optimizes attention to investigative reports, and creates opportunities for action by mobilizing citizens to demand accountability.

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