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Synergos Institute, Inc.

New York, New York
  • Grants
  • Total Awarded
  • Years
    1988 - 2000


2000 (1 year)

To promote philanthropy in Mexico.

1998 (1 year)

To assist local foundations in Mexico and Brazil (over two years).

1996 (1 year)

To disseminate case studies documenting the development of new philanthropic organizations in the Southern Hemisphere (over two years).

1995 (1 year)

Technical assistance for community management of resources in the Chimalapas rainforest of Oaxaca, Mexico.

1994 (1 year)

To convene a meeting of 34 nongovernmental organizations from around the world in preparation for the U.N. World Summit on Social Development.

1993 (3 years)

In support of general operations, to combat poverty internationally (over three years).

1992 (1 year)

To develop a community-based conservation and development program for the Chimalapas region of Oaxaca.

1990 (1 year)

In support of general operations, to develop ways to address complex poverty issues in developing countries through institutional partnerships and collaborative research and education.

1990 (1 year)

For a planning meeting to establish a foundation supporting domestic nongovernmental organizations in Mozambique.

1989 (1 year 7 months)

To support a collaborative effort by three Mexican organizations to save the Chimalapas rainforest and to promote ecological and cultural development of the communities within the rainforest.

1988 (1 year 2 months)

In support of general operations (over three years).