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St. Ives Communications Limited (Women Radio FM)

Lagos, Nigeria
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    On Nigeria


2021 (3 years)

St. Ives Communications Limited runs Women Radio (WFM) 91.7, a leading radio platform for women's development with a mission to create women-centered programs to amplify women's voices and foster national development. WFM is Nigeria's only radio station licensed to operate women-centered radio programming. With this award, WFM builds on its partnerships with On Nigeria election and accountability grantees and other civil society groups to focus more on accountability for women by engaging the state, society, and the family. WFM has a radio program on corruption and accountability with a gender lens, and its newly established academy trains female investigative journalists to investigate and report corruption from women's perspectives. WFM also collaborates with women-led grassroots organizations and On Nigeria cohorts to showcase stories of positive female role models who uphold accountability. The award contributes to On Nigeria's goal of reducing corruption and strengthening accountability, transparency, and participation.