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Sesame Workshop

New York, New York
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2017 ( 7 months)

This grant was awarded in recognition of 100&Change semifinalist status.

2017 (6 years 5 months)

Sesame Workshop, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, will deliver high-quality, evidence-based early childhood programming focused on addressing the toxic stress experienced by children in the Syrian response region.  Through a combination of mass media and direct service provision via home caregiving programs and educational centers, over 9 million young children in the region will have access to Sesame Workshop programming.  With this award, Sesame Workshop will work with local production companies to create a new Sesame television show that will introduce characters and role models who understand the lives and experiences of children in the region.  The program will model respect, inclusion, and equity, and will focus on building children’s language, reading, math, and socioemotional skills.  Additionally, the programming, in conjunction with direct services to support vulnerable children, will help to mitigate the effects of toxic stress.  This program is focused on creating a new standard for humanitarian assistance that will benefit the youngest children affected by conflict.