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Salzburg Global Seminar

Washington, D.C.

Salzburg Global Seminar was awarded $1,400,000 between 1986 and 2020, including 8 grants in Criminal Justice and Strengthening American Democracy.


2020 • 3 years 4 months • Criminal Justice

Salzburg Global Seminar (Salzburg Global) is an independent non-profit organization born out of conflict in 1947 to challenge current and future leaders to shape a more just, creative, and equitable world. It hosts multi-year programs on global topics as diverse as health care, education, urban planning, open government, culture, economics, geopolitics, and justice. The aim is to inspire new thinking and action, and to foster lasting networks and partnerships for innovative and sustainable systems and institutional change. The award supports Salzburg Global to develop and organize a cross-national interdisciplinary program on current structural, legal, economic, and social weaknesses and inefficiencies of judicial and correctional systems and emerging trends in criminal justice reform in different global contexts. By taking a cross-national perspective, the aim is to identify the most innovative and effective approaches, tools, and technologies across different sectors to enhance community safety and cohesion and reduce crime and incarceration. The project includes a series of programs at Salzburg Global Seminar, follow-up workshops in the United States, and the development of pilot collaborations and communications products.


2013 • 1 year • Strengthening American Democracy

The Salzburg Global Seminar, working in partnership with the newly formed Volcker Alliance, will convene 50 public leaders, scholars, and practitioners from government, academia, business, and civil society from around the world to discuss how to begin improve the responsiveness of government by strengthening the discipline of public administration. Public administration is the key link between public policy and its effective implementation. MacArthur funds will support fees associated with staffing, meeting logistics, communications, and travel for consultants, and a scholarship fund providing travel for select participants.


2006 • 1 year

In support of strengthening research management capacity in Russian universities through the Russian Higher Education Program.


2005 • 1 year

In support of the Russian Higher Education Program.


1995 • 11 months

To support the special session "Historical Determinism: The Search for an Intellectual Rationale for the Foreign Policy of the Great Powers."


1991 • 1 year

To support the seminar "International Migration: A Challenge for Humanity," examining the underlying causes and policy implications of large-scale international migrations.


1988 • 3 years

To support seminars on international negotiation and conflict resolution strategies for theorists and practitioners around the world (over three years).


1986 • 1 year 1 month

To support a seminar on the international negotiation process.
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