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Palace of Priests Assembly

Abuja, Nigeria
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    2017 - 2022
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    On Nigeria


2022 ( 5 months)

Palace of Priests Assembly (PPA) is a faith-based organization established in 2016 that is committed to empowering Nigerians to promote peace and social justice. PPA uses behavior change approaches to prevent and reduce corruption and is a member of On Nigeria’s behavior change cohort. With this X-Grant award, members of the On Nigeria behavior change cohort are attending the Kano Indigenous Languages of Africa Film and Market Festival in November 2022. On Nigeria behavior change partners are showcasing their work, forging partnerships, and making connections with Africa’s creative sector to encourage the production of more Indigenous content that addresses anti-corruption, governance, and democracy in Nigeria.

2021 (3 years)

Palace of Priests Assembly (PPA) is a faith-based organization established in 2016, that is committed to empowering citizens to promote peace and social justice. Under this award, PPA is deepening and consolidating its work against corruption by incorporating strategies to engage in civic and anti-corruption activities. PPA is participating in training and identifying specific behaviors and complementary interventions to fight corruption. With the knowledge and technical assistance it receives from the Behavioral Insights Team, it designs and tests tailored interventions targeting how faith-based communities can engage in civic activities, and ensuring compliance by government institutions with its anti-corruption and accountability policies and programs. This project is expected to address anti-corruption, promote transparency and accountability, and celebrate champions of change and persons who have exhibited high integrity in society. The award contributes to promoting accountability through collective action and is implemented in collaboration with other On Nigeria grantees.

2017 (3 years 5 months)

Palace of Priests Assembly is a faith-based organization with a vision to act as a catalyst to empower citizens to work for peace and social justice. With this award, Palace of Priests Assembly is organizing trainings for religious leaders on accountability messaging. It is also compiling and developing resource materials on religious injunctions and references on the role of religious leaders on ethics and social justice. It is conducting education and mobilization activities to stimulate support and active involvement of Christians in accountability efforts. The award contributes to On Nigeria’s goal of reducing corruption by building an atmosphere of accountability, transparency, and good governance.