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Global Workers Justice Alliance

Brooklyn, New York
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    2011 - 2014
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2014 (2 years)

This grant will expand access to justice for Central American and Mexican migrant workers in the U.S. system, and will improve recruitment standards and their enforcement to prevent fraud by recruitment agents operating in the Central America-Mexico-U.S. regional corridor. It will also support Global Workers Justice Alliance’s efforts to improve worker protections through a more transparent temporary work visa system in the U.S.

2012 (2 years)

This grant provides general operating support to continue and expand its work to provide access to justice for migrant workers from Mexico and Central America who have been employed in the U.S. or Mexico. GWJA accomplishes its work of assisting and providing access to justice for migrant workers largely through its Defenders Network, composed of organizations, law firms, advocates and migration experts in the U.S., Mexico, and Guatemala.

2011 (1 year 2 months)

To study the temporary worker visa programs.