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Every Voice Center

Washington, D.C.


2015 (3 years)

Established in 1996 as Public Campaign, Every Voice Center is a research, public policy, and advocacy organization that supports alternative models for financing political campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels. Its intent is to allow public officials to depend more on a broad group of donors to fund their campaigns and less on a few affluent individuals, institutions, and special interests. It works closely with other groups devoted to campaign finance reform, and with issue-based, faith-based, and labor organizations whose priority goals are adversely affected by the current system of campaign finance. Though it is concerned with the passage of reform bills and ballot measures, Every Voice Center does not lobby; its sister organization, Every Voice is a 501(c)4 organization that works to influence legislation.

2013 (2 years)

Public Campaign works to reform the system of campaign finance in the U.S. It provides research, public education, and other support to a broad range of organizations, including those working in local communities and at the state and national levels. This grant would be used for Public Campaign’s work to advance a system of campaign finance in New York State that combines small donor contributions and a public match to enable candidates to finance their elections through the contributions of a larger number of citizens rather than relying on a few wealthy donors.