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Community Media Productions

Yellow Springs, Ohio


2013 (1 year)

Community Media Productions will produce the documentary film Care, directed by Deirdre Fishel. Care exposes the cracks in the elder care system, from both the point of view of overworked, underpaid home caregivers and from the perspective of their elderly clients and their families. Care also documents efforts to create alternatives to the status quo that professionalizes the occupation of home elder caregiver, and takes into account the challenges of both clients and workers.

2013 (1 year)

Reinvention Stories is a non-fiction multimedia project consisting of a public radio series, website and feature-length documentary, all of which collect and present stories of how people and communities in Dayton, Ohio are creating new jobs and professional identities for themselves and re-envisioning a future for their city. Reinvention Stories will film, crowd-source, and present a wide range of personal stories that reveal the many ways in which a post-industrial city faces and responds to profound and often undesired economic change. A MacArthur grant will support costs associated with the film’s production, post-production, and the building of the website.

1997 (1 year)

To support "Desire," a documentary film about the development of teenage girls in urban America.