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Cabrini-Green Legal Aid

Chicago, Illinois


2022 (2 years)

Established in 1973 to support residents of the Cabrini Green Housing Project, Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) exists today to remove barriers to equity in pursuit of a more just and equitable criminal legal system. CGLA provides a holistic suite of legal services that includes social support services and advocacy for individuals and communities that have been negatively affected by interaction with the justice system. This general operations award enables CGLA to advance strategic and programmatic alignment; strengthen organizational infrastructure and capacity building; improve internal and external communications; and provide resources to support new and existing projects.

2020 ( 8 months)

Founded in 1973, the mission of Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) is to seek justice and mercy for those living in poverty by providing legal services that strengthen lives, families and communities. CGLA initially offered legal and social supports to one neighborhood and has since expanded to regions across the state of Illinois. With this award, CGLA streamlines its current technology systems and upgrades its hardware and software to ensure staff can continue to provide high quality legal services while working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2017 (4 years)

Established in 1973, Cabrini Green Legal Aid provides legal representation and social services to those impacted by the criminal justice system in Chicago, Cook County, and other parts of Illinois. Cabrini Green is committed to improving the lives of citizens who are suffering from the collateral consequences of a criminal record. Its services include criminal defense, expungement of criminal records, family, and housing law. This institutional support award enables Cabrini Green Legal Aid to strengthen its organizational infrastructure, specifically in the areas of leadership development, staffing, financial management, and marketing.

1990 (1 year)

To develop the Minority Ventures Project.