Meet the 2006 MacArthur Fellows

  • Profile portrait of David Carroll

    David Carroll

    Naturalist, Author, and Illustrator

    Employing the eye of an artist, the mind of a scientist, the voice of a storyteller, and the passion of a conservationist to help people of all ages see the beauty, history, and value in swamps, bogs, kettle ponds, and rivers.

  • Profile portrait of Regina Carter

    Regina Carter

    Jazz Violinist

    Marrying conservatory training with a broad range of eclectic influences to invent a modern repertoire for the violin in contemporary and improvisational music.

  • Profile portrait of Kenneth Catania

    Kenneth Catania


    Investigating the central nervous systems of unusual animals to generate new insights into the mammalian cortex—how it evolves, develops, and responds to changing conditions.

  • Profile portrait of Lisa Curran

    Lisa Curran

    Tropical Forester

    Combining expertise in ecological processes with insights into the realities of forest communities to address deforestation and its environmental consequences in endangered areas around the world.

  • Profile portrait of Kevin Eggan

    Kevin Eggan

    Developmental Biologist

    Probing fundamental questions about cellular differentiation and plasticity and moving an important step closer to therapeutic stem cell applications for myriad human diseases.

  • Profile portrait of James Fruchterman

    James Fruchterman


    Modifying cutting-edge technologies to create affordable devices that aid the visually impaired and others underserved by traditional commerce.

  • Profile portrait of Atul Gawande

    Atul Gawande

    Surgeon and Author

    Applying a critical eye and fresh perspective to modern surgical practice, articulating its realities, complexities, and challenges, in the interest of improving outcomes and saving lives.

  • Profile portrait of Linda Griffith

    Linda Griffith


    Shaping the frontiers of tissue engineering and synthetic regenerative technologies by designing new methods for fabricating scaffolds on which cultured cells can adhere and grow.

  • Profile portrait of Victoria Hale

    Victoria Hale

    Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

    Navigating regulatory processes to develop affordable drugs for neglected diseases and to deliver them around the world to those most in need.

  • Profile portrait of Adrian LeBlanc

    Adrian LeBlanc

    Narrative Journalist

    Forging a new form of literary journalism with an eye for detail and a passion for depth to illuminate worlds little known and less understood.

  • Profile portrait of David Macaulay

    David Macaulay

    Illustrator and Author

    Celebrating and explaining the nature of civilization’s greatest architectural and engineering achievements.

  • Profile portrait of Josiah McElheny

    Josiah McElheny


    Drawing from the decorative and functional traditions of glass to craft a new, multifaceted form of contemporary art.

  • Profile portrait of D. Holmes Morton

    D. Holmes Morton

    Country Doctor and Research Physician

    Working tirelessly with rural communities to revolutionize service, research, prescriptions, and outcomes for clinical treatment of rare genetic diseases.

  • Profile portrait of John A. Rich

    John A. Rich


    Designing new models of healthcare, melding medicine, education, and social service, for one of the nation’s most underserved populations—African-American men in urban settings.

  • Profile portrait of Jennifer Richeson

    Jennifer Richeson

    Social Psychologist

    Examining the behavioral and cognitive consequences of prejudice and racial stereotyping to reveal original insights into the dynamics of interracial interactions.

  • Profile portrait of Sarah Ruhl

    Sarah Ruhl


    Creating vivid and adventurous theatrical works that poignantly juxtapose the mundane aspects of daily life with mythic themes of love and war.

  • Profile portrait of George Saunders

    George Saunders


    Satirizing and humanizing the moral dilemmas faced by Americans in the twenty-first century.

  • Profile portrait of Anna Schuleit

    Anna Schuleit

    Commemorative Artist

    Illuminating the lives lived within mental health institutions by transforming historic facilities into moving, multi-sensory memorials.

  • Profile portrait of Shahzia Sikander

    Shahzia Sikander


    Merging the traditional South Asian art of miniature painting with contemporary forms and styles to create visually compelling, resonant works on multiple scales and in a dazzling array of media.

  • Profile portrait of Terence Tao

    Terence Tao


    Bringing technical brilliance and profound insight to a host of seemingly intractable problems in such areas as partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, combinatorics, and number theory.

  • Profile portrait of Claire Tomlin

    Claire Tomlin

    Aviation Engineer

    Expanding the abstract mathematical principles of control systems theory to address practical problems in such areas as aircraft flight control and collision avoidance.

  • Profile portrait of Luis von Ahn

    Luis von Ahn

    Computer Scientist

    Working at the intersection of cryptography and artificial and natural intelligence to address problems of profound theoretical and practical importance relating to internet security and functionality.

  • Profile portrait of Edith Widder

    Edith Widder


    Inventing technologically innovative, unique devices for observing and collecting data from the ocean’s depths to reverse the worldwide trend of marine ecosystem degradation.

  • Profile portrait of Matias Zaldarriaga

    Matias Zaldarriaga


    Analyzing faint signatures of the Big Bang and developing valuable interpretive tools to piece together the early history of the cosmos.

  • Profile portrait of John Zorn

    John Zorn

    Musician and Composer

    Creating inventive music that explores the spaces between and among genres, defying convention and redefining the experimental possibilities of musical performance.


2006 MacArthur Fellows Announced

MacArthur Foundation today named 25 new MacArthur Fellows for 2006. The new Fellows work across a broad spectrum of endeavors.
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