Meet the 2003 MacArthur Fellows

  • Profile portrait of Guillermo Algaze

    Guillermo Algaze

    Anthropologist and Archaeologist

    Illuminating patterns of economic exchange between early Mesopotamian communities to provide new insights into the organization of the world’s first cities.

  • Profile portrait of James J. Collins

    James J. Collins

    Biomedical Engineer

    Identifying abstract principles underlying complex biological phenomena such as motor control during standing and walking.

  • Profile portrait of Lydia Davis

    Lydia Davis

    Writer and Translator

    Crafting witty, experimental prose that celebrates the complexity of life’s most ordinary moments and the nuances of plain, precise language.

  • Profile portrait of Erik D. Demaine

    Erik D. Demaine

    Computer Scientist and Mathematician

    Tackling and solving difficult problems related to folding and bending—moving readily between the theoretical and the playful, with a keen eye to revealing the former in the latter.

  • Corinne Dufka

    Human Rights Investigator

    Combining skills as photojournalist and social worker to bring media attention, humanitarian aid, and legal order to Sierra Leone, one of the most war-ravaged and ignored places on earth.

  • Profile portrait of Peter H. Gleick

    Peter H. Gleick

    Water Conservation Specialist

    Demonstrating the key role of fresh water resources at the intersection of global ecology, economy, and politics.

  • Osvaldo Golijov


    Drawing on the rhythms and melodies of his Latin and Jewish heritages to create a sense of wonder and delight at the possibilities of contemporary classical music.

  • Profile portrait of Deborah Jin

    Deborah Jin


    Exploring the mysteries of quantum mechanics by cooling atoms to the lowest possible temperatures.

  • Profile portrait of Angela Johnson

    Angela Johnson


    Underscoring the universal in stories about adoption, care of elderly family members, and death.

  • Profile portrait of Tom Joyce

    Tom Joyce


    Exploring the expressive qualities of metal, transforming the ancient craft into a twenty-first-century artform.

  • Profile portrait of Sarah H. Kagan

    Sarah H. Kagan

    Gerontological Nurse

    Revising, through clinical research, mentorship, and personal example, standards and practices for delivering health care to older adults suffering from cancer.

  • Ned Kahn

    Artist and Science Exhibit Designer

    Recasting such forces as wind, water, and fire into forms that convey both the order and chaos of the natural world.

  • Profile portrait of Jim Yong Kim

    Jim Yong Kim

    Public Health Physician

    Formulating new and successful models for treating and containing major diseases in the poorest regions of the world.

  • Profile portrait of Nawal M. Nour

    Nawal M. Nour

    Obstetrician and Gynecologist

    Creating the first practice in the United States to address the medical and emotional needs of female immigrants who have been ritually circumcised.

  • Profile portrait of Loren H. Rieseberg

    Loren H. Rieseberg


    Using research on sunflowers to explore the oldest and most vexing problem in evolutionary biology—how new species originate.

  • Profile portrait of Amy Rosenzweig

    Amy Rosenzweig


    Revealing the structural basis for the metabolism of transition metals, critical cofactors in many biochemical reactions and possible source of pathology in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS.

  • Profile portrait of Pedro Sanchez

    Pedro Sanchez


    Pioneering effective and economical solutions to problems of land productivity in some of the most arid regions of southern Africa.

  • Lateefah Simon

    Women's Development Leader

    Directing a distinctive program to assist troubled girls in their transition from delinquency and poverty to healthy adulthoods.

  • Profile portrait of Peter Sís

    Peter Sís


    Using watercolors, pen and ink, and oil pastels to produce works that are visually arresting and thought provoking.

  • Profile portrait of Sarah Sze

    Sarah Sze


    Creating exuberant, gravity-defying work in tower-like formations that zigzag into the heights of gallery space.

  • Profile portrait of Eve Troutt Powell

    Eve Troutt Powell


    Focusing on the role of race in the social and cultural evolution of Egyptian identity and modern Islamic society.

  • Profile portrait of Anders Winroth

    Anders Winroth

    Medieval Historian

    Overturning long-standing interpretations of Gratian’s Decretum, one of the foundation blocks of contemporary canon and civil law.

  • Profile portrait of Daisy Youngblood

    Daisy Youngblood


    Working clay and bronze to create contemporary forms that evoke the primitive, the timeless, and the universal.

  • Profile portrait of Xiaowei Zhuang

    Xiaowei Zhuang


    Tracking the behavior of individual molecules to understand basic biochemical processes like enzymatic action or viral infection in diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

Artists Selected for Fellows 40th Anniversary Exhibition thumbnail

Artists Selected for Fellows 40th Anniversary Exhibition

The Smart Museum of Art has announced 28 MacArthur Fellow artists who will take part in Toward Common Cause, an exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MacArthur Fellows program.
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