Meet the 2009 MacArthur Fellows

  • Profile portrait of Lynsey Addario

    Lynsey Addario


    Creating a powerful visual record of the most pressing conflicts and humanitarian crises of the 21st century.

  • Profile portrait of Maneesh Agrawala

    Maneesh Agrawala

    Computer Vision Technologist

    Designing visual interfaces that enhance users’ ability to synthesize and comprehend large quantities of complex, digital information.

  • Profile portrait of Timothy Barrett

    Timothy Barrett


    Reinvigorating the art of hand-papermaking and leading the preservation of traditional Western and Japanese techniques and practices.

  • Profile portrait of Mark Bradford

    Mark Bradford

    Mixed Media Artist

    Incorporating ephemera from urban environments into richly textured, abstract compositions that evoke a multitude of metaphors.

  • Profile portrait of Edwidge Danticat

    Edwidge Danticat


    Chronicling the power of human resistance and endurance through moving and insightful depictions of the Haitian immigrant experience.

  • Profile portrait of Rackstraw Downes

    Rackstraw Downes


    Rendering minutely detailed landscapes of unexpected vistas that reconsider the intersection between the built and the natural world.

  • Profile portrait of Esther Duflo

    Esther Duflo


    Analyzing the forces perpetuating cycles of poverty in South Asia and Africa and enhancing the policies and interventions designed to improve lives.

  • Profile portrait of Deborah Eisenberg

    Deborah Eisenberg

    Short Story Writer

    Crafting distinctive portraits of contemporary American life in tales of striking precision, fluency, and moral depth.

  • Profile portrait of Lin He

    Lin He

    Molecular Biologist

    Advancing our understanding of the role of microRNAs in the development of cancer and laying the groundwork for future cancer treatments.

  • Profile portrait of Peter Huybers

    Peter Huybers

    Climate Scientist

    Mining a wealth of often-conflicting experimental observations to develop compelling theories that explain global climate change over time.

  • Profile portrait of James Longley

    James Longley


    Deepening our understanding of the conflicts in the Middle East through intimate portraits of communities living under extremely challenging conditions.

  • Profile portrait of L. Mahadevan

    L. Mahadevan

    Applied Mathematician

    Investigating principles underlying the behavior of complex systems to address such accessible, but vexing, questions as how flags flutter, how skin wrinkles, how Venus flytraps snap closed.

  • Profile portrait of Heather McHugh

    Heather McHugh


    Composing richly layered verse that unabashedly embraces such wordplay as puns, rhymes, and syntactical twists to explore the human condition.

  • Profile portrait of Jerry Mitchell

    Jerry Mitchell

    Investigative Reporter

    Ensuring that unsolved murders from the Civil Rights era are finally prosecuted by uncovering largely unknown details of decades-old stories of thwarted justice.

  • Profile portrait of Rebecca Onie

    Rebecca Onie

    Health Services Innovator

    Building a low-cost, replicable program that melds the aspirations of college students and the needs of health care institutions to address the link between poverty and poor health.

  • Profile portrait of Richard Prum

    Richard Prum


    Drawing from developmental biology, optical physics, and paleontology to address central questions about avian development, evolution, and behavior.

  • Profile portrait of John A. Rogers

    John A. Rogers

    Applied Physicist

    Inventing flexible electronic devices that lay the foundation for a revolution in manufacture of industrial, consumer, and biocompatible technologies.

  • Profile portrait of Elyn Saks

    Elyn Saks

    Mental Health Lawyer

    Expanding the options for those suffering from severe mental illness through scholarship, practice, and policy informed by a life story that adds uncommon depth and insight.

  • Profile portrait of Jill Seaman

    Jill Seaman

    Infectious Disease Physician

    Adapting the tools of 21st-century medicine to treat infectious diseases endemic to Southern Sudan and other remote, war-torn regions of the world.

  • Profile portrait of Beth Shapiro

    Beth Shapiro

    Evolutionary Biologist

    Using molecular phylogenetics and biostatistics to reconstruct the influences on population dynamics of extinct or severely challenged species.

  • Profile portrait of Daniel Sigman

    Daniel Sigman


    Unraveling the interrelated physical, chemical, geological, and biological forces that have shaped the oceans’ fertility and the Earth’s climate over the past two million years.

  • Profile portrait of Mary Tinetti

    Mary Tinetti

    Geriatric Physician

    Challenging prevailing notions of falls as unavoidable accidents associated with advanced age and identifying risk factors that contribute to morbidity due to falls.

  • Profile portrait of Camille Utterback

    Camille Utterback

    Digital Artist

    Redefining how viewers experience and interact with art through vibrant, pictorial compositions that are activated by human presence and movement.

  • Profile portrait of Theodore Zoli

    Theodore Zoli

    Bridge Engineer

    Making major technological advances to protect transportation infrastructure in the event of natural and man-made disasters.


24 New MacArthur Fellows Announced

MacArthur named 24 new MacArthur Fellows for 2009. The new Fellows work across a broad spectrum of endeavors.
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