Meet the 2007 MacArthur Fellows

  • Profile portrait of Deborah Bial

    Deborah Bial

    Education Strategist

    Addressing the challenges of college access for underrepresented populations by identifying and fostering latent talent and reframing college admissions into a more inclusive process.

  • Profile portrait of Peter Cole

    Peter Cole


    Offering a unique vision of the cultural, religious, and linguistic interactions that were and are possible among peoples of the Middle East.

  • Profile portrait of Lisa Cooper

    Lisa Cooper

    Public Health Physician

    Improving the quality of medical care for minorities in the United States by analyzing and developing new approaches to patient-physician communication.

  • Profile portrait of Ruth DeFries

    Ruth DeFries

    Environmental Geographer

    Combining remote satellite imagery and a deep understanding of the environmental effects of agriculture and urbanization to illuminate key processes transforming our planet.

  • Profile portrait of Mercedes Doretti

    Mercedes Doretti

    Forensic Anthropologist

    Unearthing evidence of crimes against humanity and seeking justice on behalf of populations whose immense losses have been omitted from the historical record.

  • Profile portrait of Stuart Dybek

    Stuart Dybek

    Short Story Writer

    Paying tribute to the literature and iconography of the Old World while exploring the imaginations of contemporary American communities.

  • Profile portrait of Marc Edwards

    Marc Edwards

    Water Quality Engineer

    Analyzing the chemistry and toxicity of drinking water supplies in America’s largest cities and making critical contributions to an often-neglected area of public safety.

  • Profile portrait of Michael Elowitz

    Michael Elowitz

    Molecular Biologist

    Laying the groundwork for the next stage of the genomics revolution — understanding how genes interact.

  • Profile portrait of Saul Griffith

    Saul Griffith


    Engineering innovations spanning optics, high-performance materials, and nanotechnology in the service of the world community.

  • Profile portrait of Sven Haakanson

    Sven Haakanson

    Alutiiq Curator / Anthropologist / Preservationist

    Reviving and giving contemporary meaning to indigenous languages, customs, and culture in an isolated region of North America.

  • Profile portrait of Corey Harris

    Corey Harris

    Blues Musician

    Leading a revival of Mississippi Delta blues by infusing traditional styles with influences from jazz, reggae gospel, and African and Caribbean folk styles.

  • Profile portrait of Cheryl Hayashi

    Cheryl Hayashi

    Spider Silk Biologist

    Integrating the understanding of spider phylogenetics and the development of such biomimetic materials as biodegradable fishing lines, sutures, and protective armor cloth.

  • Profile portrait of My Hang Huynh

    My Hang Huynh


    Developing novel techniques for synthesizing highly energetic compounds, such as explosives, that substitute benign elements for environmentally toxic heavy metals and improve the safety of workers and military personnel who handle these materials.

  • Profile portrait of Claire Kremen

    Claire Kremen

    Conservation Biologist

    Exploring the behavior of bees and other natural pollinators and their critical but often overlooked role in the global food web.

  • Profile portrait of Whitfield Lovell

    Whitfield Lovell

    Painter / Installation Artist

    Paying tribute to the daily lives of anonymous African-Americans through poetic and intricately constructed tableaux.

  • Profile portrait of Yoky Matsuoka

    Yoky Matsuoka

    Computer Scientist and Neuroroboticist

    Devising complex prosthetic devices and rehabilitation strategies that hold life-changing potential for those suffering from brain injuries and manipulation disabilities.

  • Profile portrait of Lynn Nottage

    Lynn Nottage


    Exploring periods of American history from unexpected vantage points and addressing some of society’s most complex issues with empathy and humor.

  • Profile portrait of Mark Roth

    Mark Roth

    Biomedical Scientist

    Experimenting with new procedures for temporary reduction in metabolism that may one day extend the time available to surgeons to perform critical, live-saving procedures.

  • Profile portrait of Paul Rothemund

    Paul Rothemund


    Folding DNA to create complex shapes and patterns that provide a platform for building circuits, molecular switches, and other nanodevices of the future.

  • Profile portrait of Jay Rubenstein

    Jay Rubenstein

    Medieval Historian

    Shining vivid light on how violent events such as the First Crusade are recorded and remembered by future generations.

  • Profile portrait of Jonathan Shay

    Jonathan Shay

    Clinical Psychiatrist / Classicist

    Drawing parallels between ancient texts and the experiences of Vietnam veterans that deepen our understanding of the effects of warfare on individuals highlight the role of military policy in promoting the physical and mental safety of soldiers.

  • Profile portrait of Joan Snyder

    Joan Snyder


    Creating fiercely individual, abstract paintings that are rooted in memory and convey universal and readily understood emotions.

  • Profile portrait of Dawn Upshaw

    Dawn Upshaw

    Master Vocalist

    Stretching the boundaries of operatic and concert singing and enriching the landscape of contemporary performance through her advocacy of established and emerging composers.

  • Profile portrait of Shen Wei

    Shen Wei


    Drawing from Western dance traditions as well as Chinese opera, acrobatics, and martial arts to create bold and visually arresting dance-theater. 


24 MacArthur Fellows Announced Today

MacArthur today named 24 new MacArthur Fellows for 2007. The new Fellows work across a broad spectrum of endeavors.
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