Carl E. Schorske

Intellectual Historian Class of June 1981
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Princeton, New Jersey
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66 at time of award
age iconDate Deceased
September 20, 2015

Carl Schorske is an intellectual historian who explores the relationship between European high culture and social and political change.

Schorske has concentrated on the emergence of twentieth-century modes of thought and art in the context of the crisis of late liberal society.  Focusing on the city, he seeks to illuminate conceptual and thematic unities by examining the shared experiences of the cultural elite.  His scholarly interests also include the history of American academic culture since World War II.  His works include German Social Democracy, 1905-1917 (1955), Fin-de-Siecle Vienna: Politics and Culture (1980), and Thinking with History: Explorations in the Passage to Modernism (1998), a series of essays that reveal the changing place of history in nineteenth- and twentieth-century cultures.  He is also the co-editor of Explorations in Crisis: Papers on International History (1969) and American Academic Culture in Transformation: Fifty Years, Four Disciplines (1998) -- a collection of essays that places academic developments in their intellectual and sociopolitical contexts.

Schorske is a professor emeritus of history at Princeton University, serving from 1969-1980, and previously taught at the University of California, Berkeley, (1960-1969).

Schorske received an A.B. (1936) from Columbia University, and an M.A. (1937) and Ph.D. (1950) from Harvard University.

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Published on June 1, 1981

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