Rosanne Haggerty

Housing and Community Development Leader Class of 2001
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New York, New York
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41 at time of award

About Rosanne's Work

Rosanne Haggerty is a real estate entrepreneur who conceived and founded Common Ground, a not-for-profit housing development and management organization in New York City that provides innovative housing opportunities for homeless adults. Haggerty applies expertise in real estate, finance, management, and strategic planning to address the unique challenges of housing for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged urban residents. Her flagship projects, the Times Square and Prince George Hotel restorations, are bold experiments in financing, developing, and managing residences. The success of these projects challenges longstanding assumptions about low-income housing, such as the mix of populations that can live together harmoniously and the maximum efficient scale of such facilities. More recently, Haggerty has extended this approach, developing housing opportunities for young people aging out of foster care, for the medically frail homeless transitioning from hospitals, and for other groups with special challenges, both in New York and elsewhere.


Rosanne Haggerty received a B.A. (1982) from Amherst College. She is the executive director of Common Ground, which she founded in 1990. She served previously as the coordinator of housing development at Brooklyn Catholic Charities.

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Published on October 1, 2001

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