MacArthur Fellows Program

MacArthur Fellows / Meet the Class of June 1981

Douglas D. Osheroff


Murray Hill, New Jersey

Age: 36 at time of award

Published June 1, 1981

Douglas Osheroff is an experimental physicist whose research efforts center around the studies of quantum fluids and solids and glasses at ultra-low temperatures.

Osheroff participated in the discovery and identification of three superfluid phases of liquid helium three (3He), and the identification and understanding of two nuclear antiferromagnetic phases of solid 3He.  He was also an early participant in studies of weak localization in two-dimensional conductors, and the first to show the importance of interactions between thermally active defects in glasses at low temperatures.  His work with glasses also includes research that will facilitate the development of new low-heat capacity/high-resolution thermometers.

Osheroff is the J. G. Jackson and C. J. Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University and served as chair from 1993-96, and is a professor of applied physics.  He joined the Stanford faculty in 1987 after spending fifteen years in research at AT&T Bell Laboratories.  In 2003, he served as a member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board and is a co-author of the report concerning the investigation.

Osheroff received a B.S. (1967) from the California Institute of Technology, and an M.S. (1969) and Ph.D. (1973) from Cornell University.

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