MacArthur Fellows Program

Charles Archambeau

Geophysicist | Class of 1988

Boulder, Colorado
55 at time of award
Area of Focus
Physics, Earth Sciences
Published August 1, 1988

Charles Archambeau is a theoretical geophysicist, specializing in seismic source theory.

Through his work in seismic detection, he has become active in establishing a scientific basis for a nuclear test-ban treaty, and he was instrumental in negotiating a seismic test monitoring installation in the former Soviet Union.  He has also worked on theories of tectonic stress release and on determining the fine structure of the earth’s mantle. 

Archambeau was a professor at the California Institute of Technology (1966-1974) and was a professor and member of the scientific research staff at the University of Colorado (1974-1998).  Throughout his career, he has been a scientific consultant to numerous companies, including Teledyne, Inc., AMOCO, Science Applications International, Continental Oil Co., Systems, Science and Software of Maxwell Industries, and Rockwell International.  He has been a research fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and a visiting fellow at the Center for Seismic Studies.  Since 1995, he has been the president and chief research scientist of Technology Research Associates Corporation, a research platform and services company specializing in the area of passive seismic transmission and emission tomography. 

Archambeau received a B.S. (1955) from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. (1965) from the California Institute of Technology.

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