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Curtis G. Hames

Family Physician | Class of November 1984

Family Physician
Claxton, Georgia
64 at time of award
January 6, 2005
Published November 1, 1984

About Curtis' Work

Curtis Hames was a family physician who practiced in his home town of Claxton, Georgia.

Hames’ practice enabled him to make medical observations over a five-generation time span.  He used this material for research on genetics, cancer, hypertension, strokes, myocardial infarctions, pesticide pollution, neurohormones, psychosocial determinants of diseases, and immunology.  His research concerns included the etiological role of free radicals in cardiovascular disease and cancer, and the development of a risk profile to help preserve the quality of life for the aged.  Hames continued the follow-up of a population cohort established in 1960 and explored the etiology of the increased death rates in the so-called “stroke belt” area of the southeastern United States.


Hames practiced medicine in Claxton, Georgia, from 1947 to 1988.  In addition to several adjunct and visiting professorships, he served as a clinical professor of family practice at the Medical College of Georgia and as a clinical professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina.

Hames received a B.S. (1941) from the University of Georgia and an M.D. (1944) from its School of Medicine. 

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Select News Coverage of Curtis G. Hames
November 13, 1984
"Rural Doctor Stresses the Role of Philosophy"
The New York Times
Curtis G. Hames , 1984 MacArthur Fellow
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