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“Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot” Documentary Premiere on PBS

September 6, 2012

Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot highlights the still-increasing value of Pinchot’s philosophy of natural resource conservation through sustainable use. We’ve entered into a new era in which most of the serious conservation organizations have moved beyond the belief that “no management” is the best way to conserve forests and other renewable resources. In the wake of major wildfires and extensive forest mortality, especially on federal lands, forest stakeholders of all kinds have come to realize that sustainable forest management is our best hope for conserving forests for a wide array of values—water resource protection, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and climate mitigation as well as wood and bioenergy. The Pinchot Institute figures prominently in the film as one of the institutions carrying this philosophy into the future, and using it to discover solutions to conservation challenges unimagined in Pinchot’s day. 

For more information, view the “Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot” film trailer or visit the Pinchot Institute website.

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