Documentary Films

MacArthur's journalism and media grantmaking supports the production of social-issue documentary films on important contemporary topics, intended for a broad audience. Over the last 30 years, the Foundation has supported over 200 films that combine exceptional storytelling with in-depth journalism. These films are often used in educational, community, and policymaking settings to spark conversations and activities that contribute to social and policy change.

Now showing "All Documentary Films"

  • American Sons takes a comprehensive look at how racism shapes the lives of Asian American men, challenging commonly held conceptions and stereotypes. More
  • An examination of the U.S. poverty programs created during the 1960s. More
  • An American Love Story features the Wilson-Sims family and follows them for a year and a half, chronicling their lives as a biracial couple. More
  • Ancestors in America seeks to uncover the history of Asian immigrants in the Americas in a three part series, stretching back to the days before the Revolutionary War. More
  • Looks at the state of women's human rights in Ethiopia, Latvia, Jamaica and Fiji. More
  • Two successful business owners, facing no visible path to legal immigration status, must decide if they should leave it all behind and return home. More
  • As Goes Janesville follows the political and economic upheaval in Wisconsin as factories shut down and politicians leave workers behind. More
  • A longtime sex advice columnist gains popularity against the backdrop of a ban on comprehensive sex-education in schools in several Indian states More
  • Exploring America’s widening income gap and its impact on the middle class More
  • What will it take for Congress to modernize U.S. immigration policy amid a complex and divided popular will? More