Documentary Films

Since the mid-1980s, MacArthur has supported more than 300 films that combine exceptional storytelling with in-depth journalism. These films are often used in educational, community, and policymaking settings to spark conversations and activities that contribute to social and policy change.

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  • "Sa-I-Gu", Korean for April 29, opens a window on Korean American women in Los Angeles whose lives were devastated in the aftermath of the Rodney King Trial. More
  • Collecting and producing stories about the immediate and long-term impacts of Hurricane Sandy More
  • Examining China's three billion dollar investment in Afghanistan's untapped copper reserve and the resulting environmental and cultural destruction. More
  • Examining the critical issue of public school closings in Chicago by documenting the effects of this policy on parents, children, teachers and the city itself More
  • Narrated by Meryl Streep, School investigates the long history of American public education, stretching back to the colonial era. More
  • Secrecy examines the shadow world of American secret law. What is it? And is it a good thing for American security? What about American values? More
  • Seeking Refuge is a documentary about torture survivors and the professionals who help them to heal and start new lives. More
  • Watch the lives of 15 teens at Los Angeles’ diverse Fairfax High unfold through their senior year as they prepare to graduate with the Class of 2000. More
  • Señorita Extraviada investigates the brutal rapes and murders that have occurred with apparent impunity in Juárez, Mexico since the early 1990s. More
  • This episode of The American Experience tells the story of Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP's effort to integrate public schools in the south. More