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Since the mid-1980s, MacArthur has supported more than 300 films that combine exceptional storytelling with in-depth journalism. These films are often used in educational, community, and policymaking settings to spark conversations and activities that contribute to social and policy change.

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  • A longtime sex advice columnist gains popularity against the backdrop of a ban on comprehensive sex-education in schools in several Indian states More
  • Revealing the history of St. Louis, Missouri’s atomic weapons past and the health consequences of illegal dumping of uranium and thorium in suburban neighborhoods  More
  • Exploring America’s widening income gap and its impact on the middle class More
  • What will it take for Congress to modernize U.S. immigration policy amid a complex and divided popular will? More
  • This film looks at the history of Cuban and Haitian exiles living in the United States and how their presence has influenced the communities they become a part of. More
  • Bombies digs deep into the United States’ secret bombing campaign in Laos starting in 1962, the after-effects of which are still felt today.  More
  • The CADILLAC DESERT series' fourth and final episode, Last Oasis, offers an eye-opening report on the ways in which water use affects people's daily lives. More
  • Following California’s pioneering efforts to mitigate climate change and alleviate poverty through an ambitious carbon agreement with Chiapas, Mexico and Acre, Brazil. More
  • Exposing the cracks in the elder care system from the point of view of overworked, underpaid home caregivers and that of elderly clients and their families More
  • Casting the First Stone examines multiple aspects of the abortion controversy in a small Pennsylvania town. More
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