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Since the mid-1980s, MacArthur has supported more than 300 films that combine exceptional storytelling with in-depth journalism. These films are often used in educational, community, and policymaking settings to spark conversations and activities that contribute to social and policy change.

Now showing "All Documentary Films"

  • Mi Puerto Rico takes an in-depth look at the rich cultural traditions and history of the island, as well as how it has influenced the United States. More
  • Following the social and political impacts of an ongoing environmental disaster believed to have been caused by natural gas drilling in Indonesia More
  • My Father, My Brother and Me is a story that combines longstanding medical mysteries, remarkable scientific breakthroughs, ethical dilemmas, and political debate. More
  • Examining the experiences of four adults in Indianapolis as they work to earn a high school diploma and technical certification More
  • Nobody Told Me follows the story of one woman, Lila Jeff, who turned around a failing school on Chicago’s west side: moving from 10% to 70% college graduation in 6 years. More
  • An in-depth investigation of the national security infrastructure that relies heavily on private resources to help gather intelligence data. More
  • Exploring the importance of play to human and social development and the movement that is making play a priority in every area of life More
  • Following the Oakland, California Police Department as it works to build trust within the community More
  • Omar and Pete is the real story of two incarcerated friends who have spent the better part of their last thirty years in Maryland prisons. More
  • This documentary examines the stultifying poverty that lies beneath what narrator Willem Dafoe calls a "thin veneer of democracy" in the Philippines. More
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