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Atomic Homefront

Revealing the history of St. Louis, Missouri’s atomic weapons past and the health consequences of illegal dumping of uranium and thorium in suburban neighborhoods

Portrait of Atomic Homefront
Rebecca Cammisa
Rebecca Cammisa, James B. Freydberg, Larissa Bills
Production Company
Subsurface Smoldering Event LLC
Release Date
June 17, 2017

Atomic Homefront documents North St. Louis County, which is plagued by the negative consequences of radioactive waste that was secretly dumped into a neighborhood landfill and a suburban creek. This film profiles the people struggling to know the truth about what is poisoning them and how best to hold state and government agencies accountable.

Two groups of "mothers-turned-activists" are leading parallel causes: one to stop an uncontrolled, underground landfill fire from reaching Manhattan Project waste, and the other to determine if ionizing radiation poisoning is killing their children, parents, and friends.

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