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Finding America

A multi-platform series inviting local citizens to help craft new and surprising stories from their community

Portrait of Finding America
Lead Field Producers:
Katie Davis, Stacia Brown, Steve Mencher, Sophia Paliza-Carre, Alex Lewis, Mary Quintas, Isaac Kestenbaum, Josie Holtzman, Meredith Turk, Allison Herrera, Eric Von, Brad Lichtenstein, Jess Mador, Kelley Libby, Eve Abrams, Mona Yeh, John Biewen, Yowei Shaw
Executive producer:
Sue Schardt
Network/Production Manager:
Adriana Gallardo
Curating Producer:
Teresa Gorman
Production Company
Release Date
January 18, 2017

About the Film

Finding America is an indie-led, collaborative documentary that will unfold over the course of nine months as AIR’s production units are embedded at fifteen local public radio and television stations around the U.S. Each team will design reporting projects to reveal new, critical dimensions of the day-to-day life of citizens in diverse neighborhoods, and invite them to help tell and craft their stories across multiple media platforms.

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