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On the Outside: The Year After Prison

Chronicling the stories of 15 people as they work to rebuild their lives after being released from prison

Portrait of On the Outside: The Year After Prison
Matthew O’Neill
John Kennedy, Cynthia Farrar, Jon Alpert, Shannon Sonenstein Sonrouille, Reina Higashitani, Matthew O'Neill
Production Company
Downtown Community Television
Release Date

On the Outside: The Year After Prison is a multimedia, cross-platform documentary project that begins as fifteen people from diverse backgrounds are released from prison in Connecticut. The project combines filming by the ex-offenders of themselves with professional documentary storytelling, incorporating in-depth news coverage and contextual analysis. The project will enable viewers to accompany just-released inmates as they restart their lives, and, through their experiences, to better understand the human and social policy consequences of incarceration.

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