Image of The Undocumented

The Undocumented explores the lives and deaths that hang in the balance of mid-summer unauthorized border crossings in Arizona’s Sonora Desert.

Since 1998, more than two thousand dead bodies have been found in Arizona’s Sonora Desert—the remains of unauthorized “border crossers” who perished en route to the United States. In Chicago, Marcos Hernandez searches for his father, who vanished while walking through the Sonora. Director Marco Williams weaves together Marcos’s search with the story of humanitarians and Border Patrol agents who are fighting to prevent migrant deaths, the medical investigators and Mexican Consulate workers who are trying to identify dead border crossers, and Mexican families who are struggling to accept the loss of a loved one. In true cinéma vérité style, The Undocumented reveals the ongoing impact of immigration laws and economic policies on the very people who continue to be affected by them.

Journalism & Media, Migration