Legacy tracks a multi-generation household’s struggle to move out of one of Chicago’s most dangerous housing projects, as narrated by a teenage grand-daughter.

For four generations, the Collins family was trapped in urban poverty, depending upon welfare and living in one of the oldest and most dangerous public housing projects in America-Chicago's Henry Horner Homes. Yet, unlike tens of thousands in their situation, they found the community support structures-and internal spirit-to strengthen their family and transcend the economic and social conditions of their lives. Filmed in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual discovery between the Collins family and the filmmaker, Tod Lending, the 90-minute Legacy documentary captures a family passing through dramatic and unexpected transitions over a five-year period. Through the powerful and dignified voices of women from three generations of the Collins family, Legacy tells the inspiring story of how members of one family broke free of welfare, recovered from substance abuse and escaped the specter of violence in their community. Family members succeeded in education and job training, secured employment, moved to a safe neighborhood and gained self-respect.

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