To qualify for asylum in the United States, applicants get a one hour time window to tell their story and show their fear. This is how they do it.

Well-Founded Fear is a feature documentary film that examines what goes on behind the electronic doors of the asylum office, the dramatic real-life stage where American ideals about human rights collide with the nearly impossible task of trying to know the truth. It is an intimate world never before seen on screen – asylum officers, lawyers, translators, economic migrants, legitimate refugees looking for protection, all focused on the confidential interviews that are the heart of the asylum process. With unprecedented access, Well-Founded Fear enters the closed corridors of the INS (the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service) for an extraordinary close-up look at what has been called the Ellis Island of the 21st Century. The documentary has become a core curriculum element in most immigration law programs, as well as central to training of each new class of Asylum Officers in the US Department of Homeland Security.

Human Rights, Journalism & Media, Migration

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