This film looks at the history of Cuban and Haitian exiles living in the United States and how their presence has influenced the communities they become a part of.

Black and White in Exile is a documentary series that examines more than 37 years of Cuban and Haitian exile in the United States. The series focuses on the plight of the exiles and their impact on host U.S. communities. This powerful true-life drama fills six riveting half-hour episodes with explosive inner-city clashes, traumatic fallout from terrorist bombings, daring rescues at sea, unprecedented artistic enlightenment, high-stakes struggles for political empowerment, heartbreaking stories of orphaned children and joyful tales of family reunions. The four main groups profiled and probed are Cuban exiles, Haitian exiles, resident whites and resident African Americans - a cross-section of the witnesses and participants of a vital chapter of modern American history.

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