Our People

Browse Our Senior Leadership and Staff


  • Angela Abbott

    Meeting Planner
  • Kate Abramson

    Team Administrator
  • Waheed Adeniran

    Driver, Nigeria
  • Chris J. Andreen

    Director of Development & Software Architect
  • Maureen P. Atwell

    Program Administrator
  • John Balbach

    Program Officer
  • LaShonda Baldwin

  • Nicole Barksdale

    Associate to the Managing Director
  • Kate Barnes

    Program Officer, Coastal Marine
  • Abbas Bashir

    Cleaner, Nigeria Office
  • Michael Basil

    System Automation and Release Engineer
  • Beth Basta

    Assistant to the President
  • Ryan Bautista

    Application Systems Engineer
  • Emma Belcher

  • Buck Betten

    Manager, Derivative Strategies
  • Sharon Bissell Sotelo

    Director, Mexico
  • Lucy Blanco

    Team Coordinator
  • Margaret Boersema

    Manager, Administrative Services
  • Gwendolyn W. Bolling

    Team Administrator
  • Kimberly Boudakh

    Senior Payroll and Tax Specialist
  • Beverly A. Brimley

  • Lucy Calderon

    Senior Investment Accountant
  • Alvaro Camacho

    General Services, Mexico
  • Marlies A. Carruth

    Program Director
  • Steven J. Casey

    Manager, Grants & Budget
  • Tara Chand Sharma

    Office Helper, India
  • Valerie Chang

    Managing Director, Programs
  • Sarah J. Chan

    Department Administrator
  • Marci Chin

    Team Coordinator
  • Peter Chytla

    Meeting Planner
  • Allison Clark

    Associate Director
  • Maurice Classen

    Program Officer
  • Joanne Cloonan

    Senior Associate to the President
  • Joanna Cohen

    Program Officer, Evaluation
  • Kimberly Collins

    Associate to the Managing Director
  • Cecilia A. Conrad

    Managing Director
  • Eloise E. Daniels

    Program Assistant
  • Yvonne Darkwa-Poku

    Program Officer
  • Daniel Dirnberger

    Associate Director of HR Systems
  • Kevin Doherty

  • Kevin Drucker

    Manager, Quantitative Analysis and Risk Management
  • Janice A. Dunbar

    Assistant Manager of Grants and Budget