Angela Schlater

Senior Program Officer Nuclear Challenges
Angela Schlater

Angela has worked in the peace and security field on and off for nearly thirty years. Angie brings her decades of experience as a grantmaker to the New Work team in a support and advisory role, manages grants for Nuclear Challenges, and oversees a $15 Million grant to Catholic Relief Services in support of its initiative, Changing the Way We Care, in her capacity as a team member for 100&Change.

She co-chairs a Working Group that partners with the Indigenous Community to correct the White Supremacist narrative that exists in the Marquette Building lobby. Angie enjoys mentoring younger colleagues as they begin their parenthood journey in her work as Co-Chair of the Parent and Caregiver Affinity Group. She serves on the Steering Committee for the Peace and Security Funders Group and as an advisor at Temelio, a grant management software company. 

She earned a Ph.D. in History at Loyola University Chicago and uses her training to dive deep into a variety of areas at the Foundation.

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