Information Sharing

Information Sharing

The MacArthur Foundation operates with the presumption that as a private trust for the public good the information that it generates through its grantmaking activities, as well as information about its operations, should be publicly available in a timely and understandable fashion. The Foundation hopes that this presumption of openness will inform the work of others, encourage communication that provides new perspectives on the Foundation’s work, enrich public debate, and foster a better understanding of issues for interested persons. To achieve this, the Foundation makes information available through multiple means, including on its website and through newsletters (electronic and paper), press releases, periodic reports, descriptive summaries of grantmaking initiatives, regulatory filings, and public statements.

At the same time, the Foundation seeks to protect relationships of trust with applicants and grantees and preserve zones of confidentiality for planning and deliberations. The Foundation balances these needs against the presumption that information about its work and operations should be publicly available.

The types of documents/information the Foundation has made or intends to make available include the following:

  • Foundation papers describing the underlying strategy for grantmaking areas.
  • Foundation papers describing the grantmaking craft.
  • Foundation-funded grantee research studies.
  • Foundation-funded evaluations and assessments of grantmaking strategies.
  • Review of final budgeted amounts by Program and field.
  • Foundation policies concerning grantmaking activities and Foundation governance.
  • Grantmaking statistics showing, among other information, total grants and program‑related investments, number of grants to organizations, and total program administrative expenses.
  • Audited financial statements, 990-PF annual information returns, investment returns, and general asset allocation.

Some of the documents made public may be summaries or edited to protect confidentiality or encourage candor in the preparation of the document. Such edited documents or summaries will be described as such. A Foundation staff committee appointed by the President will address any issues associated with this policy and the determination of a document or information as public or private. Questions about this policy should be addressed to Andrew Solomon, Managing Director of Communications, or Joshua Mintz, Vice President and General Counsel.