Annual Reports

International Programs

Conservation & Sustainable Development

MacArthur's conservation grantmaking protects the biodiversity of the planet, while balancing the needs of communities that depend upon natural resources for their survival. With the increasing threat of climate change, the Foundation also supports efforts to adapt conservation strategies to a rapidly changing environment, particularly in eight hotspots around the world.

Global Migration & Human Mobility

MacArthur seeks to improve the governance of international migration and supports research to build a base of knowledge about the relationship between migration and economic development.

Higher Education in Russia & Africa

To help nurture the intellectual freedom necessary to keep emerging democratic societies healthy and economically vibrant, MacArthur makes grants for the development of modern university-based science and social science research and training capabilities in Russia and provides long-term support for four leading African universities.

Human Rights & International Justice

MacArthur seeks to further the development of an international system of justice and advance human rights around the globe, with a special focus on Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia.

International Peace & Security

Through grants to policy research institutions worldwide, MacArthur aims to reduce global risks from nuclear weapons, foster security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, and strengthen independent scientific advice on international security matters.

Master's in Development Practice

The challenges of poverty, population, health, conservation, and human rights around the world are interconnected, requiring sustained and comprehensive interventions. Recognizing the need for a new approach, MacArthur is supporting the first global initiative to provide rigorous, cross-disciplinary professional training for future leaders in sustainable development.

Population & Reproductive Health

The Foundation's population and reproductive health grantmaking seeks to reduce maternal death and illness and to advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people, with a special focus on India, Mexico, and Nigeria, where the Foundation has offices.

About the Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, the Foundation works to defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society.