Annual Reports

Financial Information

Program budgets are approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors. Working pursuant to these budgets, the Foundation approves grants and makes expenditures during the year. We share these budgets so that you can better understand the Foundation's priorities.

Budget by Program, 2009 - General Program: $32.1M, MacArthur Fellows Program: $12.9M, Human & Community Development: $96.8M (in addition to grants, this program also authorized $17.6M in program-related investments), Global Security & Sustainability: $101.5M

Program on Global Security & Sustainability, 2009 - Conservation & Sustainable Development: $20.8M, Global Migration & Human Mobility: $6.4M, Higer Education in Africa & Russia: $12.9M, Human Rights & International Justice: $20.7M, International Peace & Security: $16.8M, Population & Reproductive Health: $16.4M, Other: $7.5M

Program on Human & Community Development, 2009 - Affordable Housing: $15.8M, Community & Economic Development: $18.7M, Education & Digital Media: $16.3M, Juvenile Justice Reform: $24.3M, Policy Research & Analysis: $15.1M, Other: $6.6M. In addition to grants, this program also authorized $17.6M in program-related investments.

General Program, 2009 - Arts & Culture: $7.6M, Encyclopedia of Life: $4.0M, Large & Small Institutional Grants: $4.0M, Media: $8.7M, Other Grants: $7.8M. The Foundation reserves a portion of the General Program budget for time-sensitive, one-time funding opportunities that arise during the year.