A portrait of Robert L. Gallucci

MacArthur Foundation Former President, Robert L. Gallucci

Learning for Change


I cannot offer penetrating insights into the causes or future of the Arab Spring. I hope, as we all do, for a region that will become more peaceful, prosperous, and responsive to the aspirations of its people. But this great shift in international affairs has been a salutary reminder that change is the only reliable constant.

The world is continually reinventing itself. Just as those who work in national security and foreign policy must adapt to more complex and challenging circumstances, we in philanthropy must become more agile, creative, and committed to learning. MacArthur is committed to this course in the years ahead.


As part of our commitment to learning, we welcome your thoughts and comments on this essay. Additionally, a spanish language version of this essay is available for download below. Annual_Report_Essay_Espanol.pdf