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"Researchers Fight Dementia at Brain Science Frontier"

From the Fountain Valley Patch
William Seeley, MacArthur Fellow, 2011
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Neuroscience Gains Traction in American Courtrooms

An article co-authored by MacArthur Research Network on Law and Neuroscience chair Owen Jones finds that American court cases involving neuroscientific law doubled between 2006 and 2009. Read More

Research Network on Early Experience and Brain Development

The goal of the Network on Early Experience and Brain Development is to study the relationship between brain and behavioral development, to clarify the role of experience in brain development and to enhance the understanding of ... Read More

Research Network on Mental Health and the Law

The Network on Mental Health and the Law was established to build an empirical foundation for the next generation of mental health laws — laws that will assure the rights and the safety of individuals and of ... Read More

Field Museum Shows Impact of Invasive Species Through Gaming

The Field Museum of Chicago and the Entertainment Technology Center, both MacArthur grantees, have partnered to create an educational game that lets players manage the Great Lakes to fight invasive species. Read More

Teenage Brains

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UW faculty member awarded 'genius grant'

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Encyclopedia of Life Redesigned and Expanded

The Encyclopedia of Life, which offers information on nearly 700,000 species, launched a redesigned and expanded website. Read More