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We are committed to sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. We believe it is important to evaluate and reflect regularly, study the findings of research and reports generated with our support, and communicate the results with those in the field and with the public.Read more about our learning philosophy

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Assessing Public Opinion on Immigration

A report shows that the surge of unaccompanied child migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border in the summer of 2014 had little effect on a 20-year trend of decreasing public concern over immigration. More

Analyzing Maternal Mortality Across India

A network of civil society organizations in India have released an analysis of 124 maternal deaths from across the country in an effort to elucidate the circumstances under which women die in pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum.  More

Assessing Interventions in Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

A report from John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health identifies effective interventions to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health.  More

Youth Perspective on Being Tried as Adults

A report from the John Howard Association of Illinois explores how young people who have been tried, convicted and imprisoned as adults understand and perceive the process, and makes a number of recommendations for improving it. More

Deportation and Discretion: Reviewing the Record and Options for Change

Since 1996, the U.S. has formally deported more than 4.6 million noncitizens, with about 3.7 million of these occurring since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003, according to a new report. More