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We are committed to sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. We believe it is important to evaluate and reflect regularly, study the findings of research and reports generated with our support, and communicate the results with those in the field and with the public.Read more about our learning philosophy

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Assessing Violations of Migrant Rights

A two-year investigation examines the root causes of the forced migration of children and families in the Northern Central America–Mexico–United States corridor.  More

Unauthorized Population in the U.S. Declining

Unauthorized arrivals in the U.S. have reached their lowest levels since the early 1980s, according to a paper by the Center for Migration Studies. More

Report Outlines Best Journalism Practices for Documentary Filmmakers

The report finds that cultural divisions keep filmmakers and journalists apart, and filmmakers usually have less of a support system and are unaware of the journalistic resources they can turn to when facing certain risks. More

Protecting Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico

A report from the Washington Office on Latin America and Peace Brigades International assesses Mexico’s Mechanism to Protect Human Rights Defenders and Journalists. More

Assessing Jail Use in America

There are more than 3,000 jails in the United States, holding 731,000 people on any given day – more than the population of Detroit and nearly as many people as live in San Francisco. More