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We are committed to sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. We believe it is important to evaluate and reflect regularly, study the findings of research and reports generated with our support, and communicate the results with those in the field and with the public.Read more about our learning philosophy

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Assessing the Costs of Jails

A report from the Vera Institute of Justice shows that hidden costs make jails far more expensive than previously understood. More

Reworking the Economy to Reduce Inequality

The Roosevelt Institute has released a comprehensive policy agenda for reducing inequality and improving economic performance by overhauling the laws and institutions that shape the economy. More

Assessing Economic and Social Impacts of Maternal Death

A report by Family Care International and several research partners focuses on the immediate and long-term effects of maternal death on children, households, and communities in developing countries. More

Exploring Open Governance

The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance has released its core research agenda, which will focus primarily on two areas: data-driven governance and collaborative governance. More

Assessing the Proposed Illinois FY16 Budget

A report by the Civic Federation finds that the proposed Illinois FY16 budget relies heavily on projected savings that do not appear to be achievable in light of the state’s obligations and long-term policy objectives. More