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Street Soldiers

In 1987, Joe Marshall Jr., a public school teacher turned full-time activist, and Jack Jacqua, then a school guidance counselor and now a liaison with juvenile detention facilities, co-founded the Omega Boys Club after witnessing increasing ...

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Research Network on Adolescent Development & Juvenile Justice

Seeking to expand the base of knowledge about juvenile crime and delinquency; to disseminate that knowledge to professionals and the public; to improve decision making in the current system; and to prepare the way for the ...

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Growin' Up Not a Child

Produced, directed, written and edited by Tod Lending, Growin' Up Not A Child enters the violent living conditions of urban America and exposes communal violence on a scale that we never thought was possible in the ...

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In Search of Law and Order: Reclaiming America's Kids

In the ten years between 1984 and 1994, the number of juvenile homicide offenders in America tripled. While crime rates in America have begun to drop, teen-on-teen violence, especially in poor, urban neighborhoods, is still out ...

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American Sons

American Sons is a provocative examination of how racism shapes the lives of Asian American men. A simple, but compelling performance piece featuring four of the country's finest Asian American actors: Yuji Okumoto (True Believer ...

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Out of the Silence: The Fight for Human Rights

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, introduced in the aftermath of World War II, was intended to enshrine a common understanding of human rights that states agreed to protect. In the 40 years since, it ...

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On Borrowed Land

Manila is a city in crisis, as rural migrants flood into the city following the overthrow of dictator Ferdinand Marcos during the "People's Power" revolution of 1986. Hoping to escape the poverty of the countryside ...

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Mandela in America

This documentary on Nelson Mandela's June visit to the U.S. avoids settling into a cozy public relations effort for the man who captured the imaginations of so many Americans with his dignity, wit, and ...

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H-2 Worker

H-2 Worker is a controversial expose of the travesty of justice that takes place around the shores of Florida's Lake Okeechobee-a situation which, until the film's release, has been one of America's best-kept ...

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Eyes on the Prize, Part Two

Eyes on the Prize is an award-winning 14-hour television series produced by Blackside and narrated by Julian Bond. Through contemporary interviews and historical footage, the series covers all of the major events of the civil rights ...

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