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Advancing the development of more effective domestic policies by working to increase the policy impact of all strategies in the Foundation’s U.S. Programs.  Read our strategy

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Assessing State Prison Health Care Spending thumbnail

Assessing State Prison Health Care Spending

Health care for prison inmates accounts for about a fifth of state correctional budgets, according to a report released by the State Health Care Spending Project. Read More
Tracking Key Health Indicators thumbnail

Tracking Key Health Indicators

The amount a state spends on health care services is not necessarily correlated with better or worse health status, according to a report released as part of the State Health Care Spending Project. Read More

"Cost Of Expanding Oregon Medicaid Could Be Smaller"

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Related Grantee: Pew Charitable Trusts
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Assessing State Medicaid Spending thumbnail

Assessing State Medicaid Spending

The State Health Care Spending Project, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts and the MacArthur Foundation, released a 50-state study on Medicaid spending and enrollment trends. Read More

From Results First Initiative

Working with states to implement an innovative cost-benefit analysis approach that helps them invest in policies and programs that are proven to work.

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