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Carbon Trade-Off

With global leaders looking to California for signs of hope on climate change, Carbon Trade/Off follows the construction of a promising yet controversial component of the state’s “cap and trade” plan. Under the plan ...

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Care follows four dedicated home health aides as they put in long, difficult hours caring for the elderly, while struggling to keep food on their own tables. Their stories are contrasted by those of elders and ...

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Cocaine Prison

Cocaine Prison follows the lives of three indigenous Bolivians who work at the lowest levels of the cocaine trade. Two inmates of an overcrowded prison film their daily experiences, while one inmate’s sister must decide ...

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Freedom Fighters

After meeting in a support group, Christopher Scott, Johnnie Lindsey, and Steven Phillips – who served a combined 63 years in prison before being cleared and released – form a detective agency called the Freedom Fighters to apply ...

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The documentary film Hazing examines the practice of hazing – initiation rituals that range from embarrassing to deadly – in sports, fraternities, sororities, marching bands, and the military. Featuring director Byron Hurt as an on-camera guide, Hazing will ...

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Immigrant Nation thumbnail

Immigrant Nation

Immigrant Nation is an interactive, cross-platform documentary project that uses personal narratives to provide audiences with multiple entry points into the issue of immigration. The project centers on an immersive web-platform that will showcase a series ...

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In the Game

In the Game follows the members of a girls soccer team at an under-resourced public school on the South Side of Chicago who each hope to attend college. The film will portray the experiences of team ...

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Map Your World

Map Your World is a multiplatform, participatory documentary project that enables young people to map, track, and advocate for accountability and action on the challenges facing their communities – and share their stories of change around the ...

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Out of State

Out of State follows native Hawaiian inmates who are sent to a private prison in Arizona. The film also follows the experiences of their families back home in Hawaii, thousands of miles away. In response to ...

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Peacekeepers examines how this journey forever alters their lives while illuminating the unique role that women play in restoring peace in the world’s most volatile regions. The film follows three female UN peacekeepers through the ...

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Migration Documentary Films

MacArthur’s media grantmaking has supported the production of several documentary films on migration and immigration in the U.S. and around the world. Read More


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