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Forgotten Fires

When the center of the community is a church, a fire can destroy almost everything; everything but the spirit of the people who built it. In one small, poor Southern town, hatred stalked the vulnerable, but ...

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Africans in America

How did America build a new nation based on principles of liberty and equality while justifying the existence of slavery? Did American slavery and American freedom have to exist side by side in the nation? How ...

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The World's Most Wanted Man

Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic is the most wanted man in the world. Indicted in July 1995 by the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, he has so far escaped capture and prosecution for genocide ...

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The US-Mexican War

The War That Transformed a Continent--The U.S. Mexican War (1846-1848) tells the dramatic story of a war in which Mexico lost almost half of its national territory to the United States. This national Emmy ...

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A Question of Rights

The UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo marked a watershed in international discussions about population. It shifted the debate away from arguments about numbers and population targets to focus on human rights. But denial ...

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To Our Credit

To Our Credit explores an exciting new strategy to combat poverty: microcredit, known in America as microenterprise development. It is the practice of extending small loans and other support to low-income people to help them create ...

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Regret to Inform

In 1968, on her 24th birthday, Barbara Sonneborn received word that her husband, Jeff, had been killed in Vietnam while trying to rescue his wounded radio operator during a mortar attack. "We regret to inform you ...

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The Lost American

Fred Cuny worked for years around the world, putting his own life at risk on countless occasions to advocate for refugees and peace in war-torn regions. In 1997 he visited Chechnya for a second time and ...

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Cadillac Desert: The Last Oasis

Based on Sandra Postel's book Last Oasis (W. W. Norton, 1992; reissued 1997), the episode begins with the story of how America's large dams became examples for water projects abroad, particularly in developing countries ...

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Black and White in Exile

Black and White in Exile is a documentary series that examines more than 37 years of Cuban and Haitian exile in the United States. The series focuses on the plight of the exiles and their impact ...

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Migration Documentary Films

MacArthur’s media grantmaking has supported the production of several documentary films on migration and immigration in the U.S. and around the world. Read More


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