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Chicago Expands YOUmedia to Six More Libraries

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new $500,000 investment to expand YOUmedia, the MacArthur-supported youth learning space that opened at the Chicago Public Library’s downtown Harold Washington Library Center in 2009 Read More

"After the Jobs Disappear"

The New York Times
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"Now Teachers Encourage Computer Games in Class"

The Wall Street Journal Read More

"Turning the city of L.A. Into A Classroom"

The Los Angeles Times Read More
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Digital Badges Help Young People, Adults Demonstrate Skills

A report from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Mozilla Foundation details how a MacArthur-supported initiative to expand use of digital badges can improve learning and outcomes for students and adults. Read More

"Reimagining Education through Summer Learning Partnerships"

The Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Education Read More
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Using Games For Learning and Assessment

The GlassLab project at the Institute of Play is working to transform learning and assessment through digital gaming. Read More

"Summer Learning to Earn 'Digital Badges'"

From Catalyst Chicago Read More


Dec. 18 #CE14 webinar: Whole Community Engagement
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Whole Community Engagement: Bringing Voices Together for Change
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Dec. 5 webinar: Collaboration & Capacity Building
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