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Five Thinsg to do Today

Time Out Chicago
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New Personal Story: Laura Fleming - Creating Spaces for Students to Make
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New Personal Story: Kim Jaxon - Empowering Students Through Co-Learning
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March 5 webinar: Moving Beyond 'Tech is Good' Conversation
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Portrait of Valerie Chang

Valerie Chang

Interim Managing Director, U.S. Programs
Portrait of Constance M. Yowell

Constance M. Yowell

Director of Education
Portrait of Jennifer Humke

Jennifer Humke

Program Officer
Portrait of Tawa Mitchell

Tawa Mitchell

Program Officer
Portrait of Karen S. Hott

Karen S. Hott

Senior Executive Secretary
Portrait of Julie W. Squire

Julie W. Squire

Program Administrator

Media Contact

Portrait of Sean Harder

Sean Harder

Communications Officer