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"Bryan Stevenson"

The Colbert Report
Bryan Stevenson , 1995 MacArthur Fellow
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Evaluating Virginia’s Justice System

A policy brief from the Justice Policy Institute asserts that the state of Virginia will face an escalating crisis if it does not take steps to reassess and change its approach to crime and imprisonment. Read More

"Kids for Cash: Film Review"

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Thumbnail for Nearly Half of U.S. States Enact Juvenile Justice Reforms

Nearly Half of U.S. States Enact Juvenile Justice Reforms

The report highlights reforms in 23 states that include limiting states’ authority to house young people in adult jails and prisons. Read More

"OP-ED: Improving the Court’s Response to Status Offenders"

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Valerie Chang

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Laurie R. Garduque

Director, Justice Reform
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Patrick Griffin

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Soledad McGrath

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Mary McClanahan

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